E-commerce Marketing
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Ecommerce marketing is the term used for marketing that drives awareness about a business that sells its products or services online. This can be achieved via search engines, emails, digital content or social media. So, it can be derived from the aforementioned that e-commerce marketing and digital marketing are not mutually exclusive. Ecommerce marketing may look a lot like digital marketing and use many of the same channels, but the strategies used by e-commerce marketers are very different. Now let’s see how different strategies are adopted for e-commerce marketing.

  • Social Media Marketing – Posting shoppable content, that enables product purchase with just one or two clicks, to increase conversions. This works because it eliminates the chances of losing a customer’s attention.
  • SEO – Adding short keywords on product pages takes a customer from the search engine to your product without any time lag. This makes sure that a customer who is looking for something you sell will find you.
  • Blogs – It is important to write relevant blogs like if you are in sportswear business, your blogs should be about “How to be a fashionista at the gym” or “Workout routines in trend”. This assures that people in all stages from consideration to purchase are likely to stumble across your products.
  • YouTube Videos – The title of the videos posted can be optimized to get more visibility on the medium. Posting tutorials are a good idea as they are equal parts engaging and informative.
  • Post-purchase follow-up – A mail is sent after a few days of purchase to keep the conversation going and understanding the customer’s experience for providing better service in the future. This increases customer loyalty as it projects an image of a brand that cares for its consumers beyond a sell.
  • Influencer Marketing – Influencers have a community of people that trust them and are more likely to follow their shopping habits. Through influencers and a sponsored post, it is easier to get the attention of prospective customers.
  • Local Marketing – It is providing incentives like free shipping or one-day delivery in areas where there is a large population of your customers. It is though useful is generally overlooked. It is very simple and sometimes all that is required to convert a lead.

Other extremely simple tactics that are either free or extremely cost-effective are using user-generated content such as reviews and social media posts, building loyalty programs such as discounts or cashback on repeat purchases, and referral programs. Moreover, it is extremely important to cater to abandoned shopping carts as they belong to engaged customers who somehow lost interest. This can be achieved by a moneyback guarantee, a clear return policy, better delivery options, and immediate customer support access.

All these strategies and tactics if applied properly can increase the sales exponentially and help construct a very loyal consumer base. Our company is one of the best in this field and help businesses not only achieve but surpass their sales goals. We help businesses market their products in a budget-friendly and effective way.

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