Email Marketing- A Successful Marketing Campaign
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With the increasing and everchanging marketing trends, companies are always searching for better marketing tools that enable maximum outreach on a limited budget. With social media emerging as the hub of all human activities, it becomes easier to get trapped into the illusion that social media marketing is the most effective form of marketing. But, sadly even if it is very attractive it is not that effective as it relies majorly on the hope of reaching the desired audience and getting noticed.

Also, social media platforms such as Facebook are notorious for limiting the number of times a post appears to push brands towards their paid advertisement options which might or might not fall into a company’s budget.

Email marketing is more effective as it is more likely to reach the target audience and get noticed. Also, it provides the right amount of personal touch when the message/mail marketing the product lands right in the inbox or the virtual laps of prospective customers. Emails are the basis of all internet activities. Even Facebook requires an email address for the sign-up. All virtual activities start with an email address for signing up on social media platforms as well as shopping sites, continue with notifications in the mail, and are never-ending as we all know.

So when everything starts with an email address, how can we ignore or underestimate the power of email marketing. Moreover, the biggest benefit of this form of marketing is that it shields the companies against SPAM lawsuits as email marketing a product is sent with a prospective customer’s permission whereas the ads on Facebook or Instagram are visible without the permission of the person they are visible to.

Email marketing is very much measurable in terms of conversion rates and ROI due to real-time access to metrics such as clicks, opens, forwards, bounces, etc. The conversion rate i.e. a prospective customer becoming a buying customer is very high through email marketing as these people were interested in the product and gave their permission to receive more information regarding it.

Many studies have proved that email marketing gives the highest Return on investment that is estimated to be around $38 for every dollar spent. This is because it is a hyper-targeted form of marketing because with email marketing tool CRM, data like the gender, age, and geographical location can be pulled which helps decide the demographic to be targeted for a product to do well.

It can be understood with a basic example that age-defying cosmetics are generally marketed to middle-aged females while drugstore cosmetics are marketed to young girls. This cannot be achieved by any social media marketing practice as everyone gets the same information regardless of their age, gender, or location.

All this makes email marketing exceptionally profitable and hence a go-to form of marketing. Our company understands the upper hand email marketing has and hence focus on it to convert leads and drive sales.

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