Rank 1st on Google with Google Adwords
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Google Ads is a paid marketing platform that comes under the marketing channel namely Pay-per-click (PPC). In this form of marketing, the advertisers pay per click on the advertisement. Google Ads. Google.com is the most popular website in the world with over 246 million unique visitors and 3.5 billion daily interactions. Google Ads was launched just two years after the launch of Google as Google Adwords but with rebranding in 2018, it was named Google Ads.

Marketing is interacting with the consumer, and as evident by the number of visitors or we can say prospective customers on Google it is the best platform to promote a product or service. Google ads bring qualified customers to your business as they are directed in the direction of your product because they have shown interest in a similar product or service. Google allows the creating and sharing of well-timed ads i.e. they are visible to a Google user when he is looking for something you can provide. This makes conversion a lot easier and faster.

Google Ads work because they do not have to gain the attention of a customer as the customer is ready to buy products and services that you provide. Also, Google Ads is an ideal platform for marketing due to its seniority in the market, the number of visitors every day, and because your competitor is using it as well.

Google Ads is based on a bidding system, where the advertiser chooses a maximum payable bid amount for a click on the ad. The higher the bid, the better is the placement of the ads. Bidding is done in three ways i.e. cost-per-click (CPC) where the amount is paid over each click, Cost-per-mille (CPM) where the amount is paid when a thousand people are shown the ad, and cost-per-engagement where the amount is paid when a predetermined action is taken by someone.

Google Ads is found to generate an ROI of around 700% or $8 for every $1 spent. It is also important to note that the platform is very user-friendly as the ads can be tailored to fit the size of the business and the budget. It helps the company stay within its monthly cap and the spending on the ads can be paused or stopped at any point in time. Also, there is an option for the type of ad campaign a company wants to run.

There are three types of campaigns- Search Ads that are displayed among search results on a Google result page, Display Ads which are image-based ads shown on webpages, and Video Ads that are 6-15 seconds long and appear on YouTube.

Google Ads gives benefits ranging from high conversion rate to stupendous ROI, to tailored services. It is a marketing tool that fits every type of budget and marketing requirement. Our company understands that Google is where both the competitors and the consumers exist, and marketing on this platform can garner maximum profits which is why we provide Google Ads marketing services that guarantee sales and success of a business/product.

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