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Video marketing is the form of marketing where videos are used to market and promote a product or service. It is used to reach the consumer through a new medium thus reaching a different demographic of consumers, educate the consumer, and increase traffic on the company’s digital as well as social channels.

Marketing in the form of videos is more engaging and it has been found by HubSpot Research that around 54% of consumers want to see video content which is entertaining as well as has a very high conversion rate. But is it a cost-effective marketing option? Yes, it is very cost-effective as video production is cheaper today than it has ever been and one can shoot in High Definition even with a phone. Plus, videos with a rawness are liked more by the consumer than the polished unauthentic ones and this makes video marketing a whole lot cheaper.

There are majorly twelve types of marketing videos some of which are demo videos, expert interviews, event videos, animated videos, customer testimonials, and live videos. These videos can be posted on any digital or social channels but it is important to realize which medium will attract the most number of customers.

YouTube is the second largest search platform after Google and the largest video hosting platform. It is the third most visited website and more than five billion videos are watched every day here. Moreover, it is absolutely free to upload and optimize videos on YouTube. All these amazing features make it an ideal platform for marketing video content. YouTube also promotes brand loyalty with channel subscriptions and personalization with the comment option. This form of marketing is measurable as it enables the customer to ‘Like’ the content.

Also, a person is more likely to see your other content on this medium than any other out there. There are two ways of video marketing on YouTube – Self and Sponsored.

  • Self – In this form, the company produces its content and post it on their channel only. It has a limited reach as only people who either stumble upon your channel or are subscribers will see your content. The videos produced here are mostly product-centric.
  • Sponsored – In this form, the companies pay YouTubers, people who make YouTube videos for a living, or influencers to plug-in the products in their videos. This enables the company to reach a wider and different customer base. The videos produced here generally have a subject which is only mildly connected to the product.

The upsurge in video marketing was seen in 2016 and it has become more potent than ever in 2019. Not having a strategy in the video marketing business can be very harmful to a company today. It is important to be where the customer is. Our company helps other companies get into the world of video or YouTube marketing as it has the conversion rate of a whopping 80%. We help get the product noticed via this medium of marketing and increase the overall sales.

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