What is Content Marketing- And Why is it so Important?
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Today we are living in the world of information overload, and it is becoming more and more difficult for the companies to first gain and then hold the customer’s attention. This is why it becomes important to delve into all kinds of marketing practices, especially the ones that have a higher chance of grabbing one’s attention, and this where the concept of content marketing comes into play.

Content marketing is the form of marketing that focuses on getting a customer’s attention and help him through all the stages of purchase i.e. from stirring interest to the buying of the product. Content marketing is generally done via blogs, ebooks, videos, podcasts, and infographics.

  • Blogs – These are the most commonly used form of content marketing.
  • Ebooks/Books – With the introduction of self-publishing, it becomes a hassle-free form of marketing.
  • Videos – It is a great form of marketing and grabs a potential customer’s attention more efficiently than any other form of marketing. Facebook and Youtube videos are the most common examples.
  • Podcasts – It gives visibility in an entirely different world, and the trend is increasing with each passing day.
  • Infographics – This is done using graphs, charts, statistics, etc.

It is important to understand that every medium is different and so is the medium’s audience. Also, the distribution channels where this content can be shared or promoted are various as well. This content can be shared on owned channels i.e. the brand’s profiles and pages on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. and this form of marketing is free of cost. There is also an option of paid networks such as PPC and SEM and are better at targeting a certain demographic.

A good option is answering the questions of people while weaving SEO in the content to better the website ranking on google search. But the best option is marketing via earned channels where the audience itself chooses to market your product. This creates goodwill and is most effective in gaining customers faster.

Each of the aforementioned mediums is potent in creating awareness not only about the product being marketed but also its need which might not be realized by the consumers just yet. With content marketing, it becomes easier to support the customer during every step of his purchase process. The process starts with awareness, elevates to research and consideration and then it culminates with the customer making a purchase.

Content marketing is a very unique approach in attracting the consumer in times of minimal attention span and helps increase the volume of organic search i.e. visibility on search engines, create brand preference, engage the consumer, and reach more customers on a budget. The value content marketing adds to a company and the product is ginormous as it generates leads, builds credibility, and enhances the goodwill of the company.

Our organization understands the importance as well as the impact of content marketing on today’s consumer base and is equipped to handle all the aspects of the marketing business. We not only aim to increase the sales of a product through the means of marketing but also build a loyal consumer base for the marketed product.

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