The automotive industry across the globe is centered on automation, digitization, responsive supply chain and customer preferences. Business owners who run companies corresponding to this industry look for ways to increase efficiency. They are well aware that SAP solutions hold the key to innovation with new trends.

At Nibhainfotech, we make use of advanced SAP technologies relating to IoT, mobility and HANA to help our client companies reimagine business models based on the ongoing digital revolution. We intend to do it across the industry value chain.

We have the best SAP HANA implementation program to help you achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our offerings
At Nibhainfotech, we believe in providing good value for money to our clientele. So, we utilize the best people resources and test equipment to facilitate the testing of cars of various models.

Whether you wish to repair your automotive product, return an unwanted product or replace them, you can rely on our SAP industry solutions for the best possible outcome.

Asset management solution based on IoT
Under this service, we provide a streamlined platform for interaction between resources. We use the innovative approach of the internet of things (IoT) to accomplish this task. In addition, our solutions also involve digital technologies, GIS, analytics, and mobile devices.

Advance return material authorization solution
We offer technical SAP-based solutions for monitoring material movements. Plus, you can also prepare reports using our software solutions. Keeping in mind the importance of knowledge about workflow in mind, our SAP digital solutions also keep you notified with real-time information.

In addition, we also provide IT consulting solutions relating to the integration of applications across distinct platforms.

Our services are not only confined to ready-made solutions. For a hassle-free and uninterrupted operation of our solutions, we also provide support services. You can bank on them to stay a step ahead of your competitors in the competitive business world.