Migration services

Migration services

Migration services relate to cloud computing deployment models that ensures any person or business entity can easily migrate between various cloud vendors without facing issues of deployment, integration, consistency and interoperability.

As a distinct SAP implementation partners in Delhi NCR, Nibha Infotech, concentrates on identifying market and IT drivers, reviewing the current framework and developing a plan for cloud transformation that will also meet future business expectations. We adopt a repetitious approach to migration that ensures the operations are minimally interrupted. The initial level of migration consulting and exploration is vested in our cloud migration program.

Our cloud migration planning

As your SAP solution consultants for cloud migration, Nibha Infotech enables you to address important hold ups and make a smooth cloud transition. Our cloud experts will collaborate with you to identify:

  •        Prioritization of programs, processes, and infrastructure to migrate.
  •       Chalking out a migration strategy that suits your requirements and identifies potential risks.
  •       Helping to opt for a reliable business platform for migration such as private, public or hybrid as per the need of the hour.

Executing the migration services

Applications have to be ported and reviewed seamlessly during cloud migration. We use test data to build beta-environments and fine-tune programs. When the new cloud environment is installed, the data is transferred to the cloud for processing.

Besides, having been highly rated as one of the leading SAP ABAP consultants in Delhi NCR, we continue the monitor-optimized process post-migration and verification. We also shift the application to its stable state where we can run and sustain the managed services operation. The runbooks will ensure everyone has the requisite details to keep your applications up and running and are maintained for the remainder of their lifecycle. Insights from the initial migration are used to develop and refine the next set of applications or services integrated into the migration plans.

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Being the top SAP Implementation Solution Provider, Nibha Infotech's factory approach to migration provides complex migrations in a trouble-free and organized manner. We have a swifter, cost-effective and efficient transition with zero impact on the market.