Current service providers must provide their clients with the highest degree of service and do so with budget constraints and ever-increasing deadline demands.  Service providers, similar to their clients, work in a corporate environment that is fundamentally changing due to the rapid digitalization of community and economy. If you want to keep your head above water and exploit the emerging technological development, you need to have full control of your service programs, from procurement through to maintenance contracts.

We, as one of the leading providers for SAP industry solutions in Delhi NCR, offer project service providers in IT, design, engineering and PR and we specifically cater to an industry solution completely integrated with a niche ERP framework. All functionality, required for skilled service management, project planning, monitoring and supervision is adequately chalked out.

One of the foremost SAP implementation companies in Delhi NCR, Nibha Infotech offers you the following ERP solutions which are unique in their own right:

·       Robust project and resource tracking

·       Full project progress and implementation monitoring

·       Versatile project accounting with integrated quotation formation

·       Highly customizable project structure plan

·       Integrated task manager with outsourcing factored in

·       Extensive preparation and scheduling

·       Competent pre-payment management

·       Support for a broad variety of accounting options

·       Expected expense and revenue budgeting

·       Smooth integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

·       Quick sharing of data with Microsoft Project and Microsoft Office

Resource planning

Nibha Infotech, being an exponent in SAP payroll resources in Delhi NCR, integrates and provides with high-quality planning, end-to-end consistency and a host of scheduling choices for your service projects. Pre-configured project modules, a set of copying features and a simple, intuitive user interface can enable you to execute your projects from the planning phase onwards in the best possible way. The unified hierarchical project structure offers you a continuous summary of the necessary facilities, job schedules, material and travel costs, as well as all other associated expenses. You can have rates, margins and estimates at your disposal, using both pre-costing and the current costing of the project concurrently.