Retail & CPG

In this fast-paced and competitive business market, retail and consumer packaged goods companies are dealing with a two-pronged challenge. Apart from aligning the design of products to the changing needs of customers, such companies are also looking for ways to optimize the price of products.

The solution to these challenges lies in bringing the PLM processes together by leveraging with an advanced ERP software program. This is where the role of SAP and our SAP digital solutions come into the picture.

At Nibhainfotech, we intend to provide technology-driven solutions to resolve the existing issues relating to the retrieval of data and the integration of applications across various platforms. We intend to remove all the existing roadblocks on these fronts with our effective and trustworthy SAP industry solutions.

The retail and CPG sectors deal with the movement of goods from time to time to maintain an uninterrupted supply chain. A streamlined system for storing and exchanging or retrieving data on a real-time basis is the need of the hour for industries that belong to these sectors.

We, at Nibhainfotech, understand and acknowledge the importance of technology solutions to overcome the roadblocks in the exchange of data and information. Therefore, we have employed a team of outstanding SAP ABAP consultants in Delhi NCR to cater to your needs. Our team of experienced professionals works as a team to provide the following SAP solutions:

Inventory optimization: We provide a web-based tracking feature to help you identify non-performing or underperforming inventory. Our SAP solutions consultants help you do it by carrying out an assessment of inventory. Plus, we also help ou with tasks linked to the overdue list, glide path, action tracking, and the preparation of reports.

Material price forecasting: We provide you with a standardized reporting facility based on your pool of expenditure for various business units. Our efforts are aimed at making the analysis and forecasting of production gains and savings a fast and hassle-free process.

Integration of application and IT consulting solutions: Our team of experts knows how cross-platform applications work in conjunction with one another. Whether you wish to migrate your applications to another platform or integrate existing applications of different platforms under one umbrella, our professionals have a solution. You can bank on our IT consulting solutions to resolve all existing issues in your retail and CPG company.