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At Nibhainfotech, we provide SAP implementation services with the objective of helping business organizations remove all data processing challenges and pain-points. Our SAP digital solutions and their implementation aim at creating an inexpensive and elaborate project plan to cater to the business requirements of the organizations of all sizes.

Our professionals leave no stone unturned to work out the best SAP implementation strategy. They do not even hesitate to go the extra mile to invest hundreds of hours in following different phases of SAP implementation. Their major objective is to ensure the generation of SAP industry solutions that are tailored to the business needs of our client companies.

We have a five-pronged methodology for successful SAP implementation.

Our SAP implementation methodology

Step 1 - Project preparation:
In this step, we plan the rollout implementation. We begin with a kick-off meeting wherein our professionals discuss priorities, scope, and objectives. The rationale behind the kick-off meeting is to help them understand their roles and responsibilities. We take customer sign-off after finalizing the scope.

Step 2 - Creation of business blueprint:
Once the objectives are finalized, the next thing we do is proceed with the efforts to outline a detailed blueprint. In preparing this detailed document, we also involve both functional leads and stakeholders. Before taking any customer sign-off at this stage, we also consider if we require making any change to the time schedule and the scope of our objective.

Step 3 - Project realization:
In this system, we install the SAP B1 software. Thereafter, we also customize the installed software in accordance with the acquired blueprint. In the next step, we move business data to SAP from a different IT architecture and validate the setup. After the demonstration of the process, we evaluate the project phase to find out if any change is needed. If all is well, we go ahead with customer sign-off.

Step 4 - Final preparation:
In this phase, we train both administrators and users to ensure smooth SAP implementation not only for the current as well as the subsequent phases. Before the implementation, we make certain that all the applications are tested for both qualitative and quantitative requirements. We proceed to the final step only when we are sure about the test results. We evaluate the test results by conducting a thorough review.

Step 5 - Go live and support:
Following all the aforementioned steps, we march ahead with the full SAP B1 implementation after an optimization meeting. Also, we formulate a plan for offering support services to our clients after successful SAP implementation.

Our SAP implementation services

Our SAP solutions consultants rely on their professional expertise and the precision of their understanding of the methodologies to implement SAP by developing plans based on the corporate strategy of our clients. In doing so, their major objective is to ensure that a company is able to march ahead with the requisite improvements in its business processes.

By investing in our services, you can rest assured of quality services from our SAP ABAP consultants in connection with the support for the objectives and goals of your company in implementing SAP and leveraging it across all your business requirements. Apart from implementing the desired changes in the process of management based on our IT consulting services, we also cover other bases such as the evaluation of consolidation and upgrade planning.

For comprehensive coverage pertaining to SAP implementation services with a 360-degree view, our array of services includes the following:

     Development of unique ABAP solutions to meet and beat the challenges relating to the evolving business needs

     Technical improvements to the current SAP cloud solutions and functionalities to help our clientele make the most of including them in their business model

     Process mapping based on the general and available enterprise resource solutions

     Assessment studies or evaluation of the current SAP implementation to identify and resolve both the potential and existing issues


Additionally, we also take care of the following:

Project management: To help you better manage your project, our team of experienced application consultants begin by first determining the requirements of your business process.  Thereafter, they work in conjunction with the team corresponding to the business process to configure the R/3 System. They also assist the team during the testing phase and pass on the requisite information to the members of the customer team. At Nibhainfotech, we design robust business solutions and designs that are simple and straightforward to implement.

System Development: Whether you wish to run business operations in a streamlined manner or implement your projects in the best possible way, system development is the way forward for your business. At Nibhainfotech, we understand and acknowledge this basic business obligation linked to SAP integration with third party tool. We do our best to help you implement SAP applications. We do our best to not just identify a potential requirement but also implement a resulting system that is acceptable to the end user.

Functional Consulting: The SAP consultants of Nibhainfotech not only use their own expertise but also try to tailor it to the business environment of individual clients. Just as business needs vary from one company to the other, so do the business environment of each company. Our experts, therefore, not only adopt the best practices in the industry but also try their best to create solutions that match the needs of our clientele. We believe this is important to offer the right solution to a client. By investing in our services, you can rest assured that you will get solutions that are in line with your business needs.

Technical Consulting: We employ certified SAP ABAP consultants in Delhi NCR in multiple areas at your service to provide you with the best business outcomes that your money can get. Whether you want the best solution to the needs relating to system management, custom solutions, interfaces, support services, and ABAP coding, you can always bank on the reliable services of our team of experts. We believe in nothing shorter than the best your money can get. So, we do not hesitate to put our best resources at your service.

We are the top SAP implementation solution provider in Delhi NCR that can tick all the right boxes of your needs. Get in touch with us now!